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Advanced orders being taken now, All garlic is down in price from 2015. As a general guide there are approx. 150-250 cloves per kg. Grade is 55 mm+.
 GERMIDOURFast growing purple variety for harvesting in the green from May, semi-dry from June and dry in June and July. 10-15 cloves per bulb, this is a high yielding French variety. Virus free. Grade 55 mm+ (Delivery September to December) 
GAGM10001kg       18.00
GAGM2.52.5kg        30.00
GAGM55kg        44.00
GAGM1010kg        80.00
GAGM2020kg        150.00
 MESSIDORNew very attractive white variety. Very high yield, 10-15 beige cloves. To harvest semi-dry from June. 
GAME10001kg        17.00
GAME2.52.5kg        28.50
GAME55kg        42.00
GAME1010kg        75.00
GAME2020kg        140.00
 PRINTANORWhite bulb with 12-18 pinkish cloves, Suitable for planting from January to March for July harvest. Keeps well. Virus free. We will dispatch from September but can be planted from January to March. 
GAPR10001kg       19.00
GAPR2.52.5kg        32.00
GAPR55kg        48.00
GAPR1010kg        85.00
GAPR2020kg        160.00
 VIGOUR SUPREMEWhite Autumn garlic for plating September - December and harvesting June - July.  
GAVI10001kg       17.00
GAVI2.52.5kg        28.50
GAVI55kg        42.00
GAVI1010kg        75.00
GAVI2020kg        140.00
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